Interior Design Services

You’ve purchased a new home but are facing unexpected design challenges.

Unappealing Layout and Design

Is the layout of your new home one that is neither functional nor aesthetically pleasing?

Facing the challenge of dated kitchens and bathrooms can be daunting. Creating focal points, colour choices and furniture placement can be troublesome.

Old Flooring and Furnishings

Did your dream house come with some questionable flooring materials? Faded laminate, chipping tiles and tattered carpets detract from a home’s charm. Outdated light fixtures, cabinetry and finishes can make a home feel tired and neglected.

lack of Character

You bought a home in a good neighbourhood – a home with sufficient space but no style! An alluring design plan is needed to bring your home to life – a life that reflects you and all that you love.











Design Solutions For Your Vancouver Home

Unexpected challenges become creative opportunities under the guidance of an experienced design team!

A well designed living space

Our interior spaces not only serve our basic needs, but they can have an uplifting, positive effect on our lives. We certainly perform and function better in an efficiently designed space. We help you with space planning and bring efficiency and harmony into your Vancouver home.

Developing a Design Concept

We oversee style, colour and material choices that support your lifestyle. We work closely with our clients to ensure that design choices enhance our clients’ living spaces. From flooring choices to lighting fixtures, we will ensure that your home has a firm foundation and is a bright, welcoming space.

Bringing Your Home to Life

Your home renovation is personal – to you and to our team at Peach Interiors. Designing, planning, coordinating and renovating your home can be done on any budget, in any given neighbourhood and with any existing structures. We will closely partner with you to breath new life and beauty into your home.


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