Food, Family and a Flare for Design

Valentina, one of our cherished team members, is not only a talented designer but a restauranteur! Robba Da Matti is her second family-owned restaurant in Vancouver.

Valentina and family chose the perfect second location for Robba Da Matti, in what I like to think of as the ‘European’ part of town- 1960 Haro at West End, With its lush, green surroundings and vibrant community life, it offers lots of old-world charm and character – a true hidden gem!

Each family member plays a different role. Valentina is responsible for the overall design of the space. Her mother came from Rome a few years ago to help create delicious and authentic recipes.

I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to join Valentina and her family one evening for dinner. While I was immediately taken with the location of the restaurant, I was even more enamoured with the warm, inviting design of the space. It is classy but casual with soft, welcoming lighting.

A good layout and round tables create relaxed spaces for engaging conversation. The chairs at Robba Da Matti are comfortable and combination of anchored and floating seating. The curved, upholstered seats take the strain off and allow you to linger over a delicious meal much longer than you would in stiff, wooden chairs.

As designers, we have a responsibility to keep the comfort of guests and patrons in mind when designing public spaces. We want to create places where true hospitality can thrive! And Valentina has done just that!

As a fellow designer, I am so proud of my dear friend and so happy to see her talents on full display in such a thoughtful and beautiful space.

While so much of my work and blogging revolves around design, I can’t finish off this post without commenting on the wine and food! I think I can sum it up by saying that it was purely delicious, and ‘just the way that momma makes it’.

First class food and wine, carefully curated design, and old world charm really does create the perfect recipe!

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