Kids Room – Fun is the New Chic

Sebastian and Tristan, our newest and most enthusiastic clients, are brothers who share a bedroom in their modern Vancouver home.

They are 2 years apart (ages 5 and 7), and have enjoyed playing, reading and sleeping in their room for as long as they can remember. They have started to outgrow their beds and needed space for multiple activities in their rather narrow room. They needed more storage for a growing array of new interests and yes, desks for homework.

Sebastian and Tristan were extremely hands on and patient throughout the renovation process. They joined us in the showroom to choose their beds and colours! They often dropped by during renovations and were curious about all that was going on – Why did their place look messy and different ? When were they coming back?

Since their room is very narrow, and two adult sized single beds could not comfortably fit, this multifunctional, space saving wall/bed system seemed a good solution for our little clients. And they agreed with us! In the showroom they joyfully tried the display bunk beds, giving us their feedback at every turn! They chose the colours of the bed panels and were very excited about the chalkboard section. We’re sure lots of messages and requests from Mom and Dad will be displayed on these boards.

The wall system bunk bed features overhead storage and a desk long enough to be shared by both boys. At night it transforms into comfortable beds. During the day these space saving beds allow for more playtime floor space!

Both boys are very found of reading, and have a large collection of books.
Our custom-made, free standing storage is designed to help them keep their books organized and uncluttered. The floating unit visually expands the floor without making the room look small and crowded.

Check out the before photos below – from cramped to open and uncluttered!

Their cute little room, full of toys and colour had to be transformed to meet the needs of growing boys involved in multiple activities.

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