Brighton Milross False Creek Condo

Home Renovation

This condo in the heart of beautiful False Creek required significant renovation including ceiling texture removal, new lighting and hardwood installations, and a fireplace refurbish. In addition, our design team created a new kitchen layout and gave the existing bathroom a much needed facelift. A second bedroom was turned into a home office for the couple who both work from home. Closets were modified to add more space and new paints were chosen to reflect the subtle hues found in the home’s natural surroundings.

Interior Design

The space offered spectacular views but lacked polish. Our client’s lifestyle, location, and breathtaking waterscapes guided our material selections. The result was a breezy openness that accurately reflected our client’s tastes and surroundings. The concept for this home renovation was to achieve an uncluttered, clean look and create lots of storage space that did not compete with the natural landscape.

Kitchen Design

The original kitchen, square and small, did not do justice to this home’s sweeping water views. Our savvy client was interested in a design that placed as much emphasis on efficiency as it did on style. They were delighted when we showed them that we could do much more than just refurbish old cabinets and materials!

The living/room dining room were smaller spaces and it was important to design a kitchen that was less utilitarian and more warm and inviting. The new kitchen design is now integral to the living area, with a wall of storage and open-shelf cabinets that line one wall of the living room. The clean line cabinetry that runs from the kitchen to the living room offers a functional and well organized space.

Our client was delighted that their new kitchen seamlessly transformed their home into a welcoming gathering place for family and friends.

Bathroom Design

Bathrooms in condos are often small and this one was no exception! The Peach Interior Team addressed the layout carefully and designed a space that increased efficiency while enhancing its flow. We replaced the vanity with a free standing unit and the bathroom fixtures were upgraded. We kept the original tile and bathtub but added natural stone under the vanity complete with LED, under-cabinet mood lighting.