Home Renovation

Every home renovation project has thousands of little details that need to be precisely coordinated to produce good results

Personalized Design

Once you have made the decision to renovate your home, the next step is to hire a professional that will turn your dreams into reality. It is important to seek out a team that will work diligently to understand your vision and subsequently create a personalized design that addresses layout, materials and colour choices.

High Quality Material

A great deal of time is spent on product and material selection at the start of each project. Visiting showrooms to find the right product line and design concept can be time consuming and overwhelming.

A Reliable Construction Crew

Do-it-yourself projects can be fun, but a full home renovation, bathroom design, or kitchen design requires the experience of skilled designers and a well coordinated team. It is imperative that you hire a firm that understands your unique priorities and is professionally trained to manage all aspects of the project.


Maximize your home’s value

by creating functional, beautiful living spaces. We offer you:

Project Management

At Peach Interior Design, we design, manage and supervise every step of the project from demolition to construction. We coordinate with a skilled team of tradesmen and maintain effective communication to ensure an efficient, budget conscious, streamlined process.

Material Sourcing

We have access to exclusive products, materials and services. We are able to secure items that have greater durability and craftsmanship than mass produced materials. We are mindful of time frames and the readiness of specific products and ensure their availability throughout project.

The Construction Crew

Our responsibility extends to periodic site visits. We ensure that the contractor is following all project details and designs. During site visits we address questions and concerns, correct discrepancies and comment on the quality of work. We approve requests for payment on the basis of satisfactorily meeting project requirements.


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