Find Of The Week-Salari Fine Carpet Collection

We were invited to the Salari Carpet Showroom in Vancouver a few weeks ago to view their new collections. Interior Designers are always excited to learn about the latest in the market. Seeing the showroom filled with enthusiastic designers mingling over great food and drink was excellent.
Their showroom setup is unique and beautiful, and the rugs are a sight to behold.

As an interior designer, I love to explore new products and materials in our field. I visit our local interior design showrooms regularly to learn about the latest products and materials, and sometimes, I love to share my findings with you.

I had to go back and see the new collection again and talk with the lovely people in the showroom. There were a few pieces of rugs that left me thinking all week! I was mesmerised by their colour and their unique and exquisite patterns. Have you ever felt excited seeing a product that captures your attention and imagination?

high quality,hand woven area rugs

Each of their rugs stimulates your senses with its beauty, quality, and craftsmanship. A product that makes you want to touch, feel, and own it.

Colourful, geometric design area rug by Battilossi-Venta Orange

Area rugs are not just floor covering but artwork that transforms your space into a cosy and elegant sanctuary. They are investment pieces that you get to enjoy the beauty and creativity of their design and craftsmanship year after year.

The hand-woven area rugs from Salar Fine Carpet are designed in Italy and Vancouver, and they combine the best of both worlds: quality and style. They are hand-woven from the finest natural fibres, such as wool and silk, and have unique and exquisite patterns that reflect the culture and history of their origin. If you are in Vancouver, I highly recommend visiting their showroom to experience the beauty and craftsmanship firsthand.

High quality hand-woven textural area rugs by Pauliga

I left the showroom with lots of inspiration for the upcoming projects.

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