Pandemic Priorities – Quality Over Quantity Creates a Happy Planet

The home improvement industry is booming worldwide, and Vancouver is no exception. We are all spending more time at home – it has become the centre for work, family, even entertainment during this ever-challenging pandemic. We have had clients request additions for more space, renovations for more function, and basic home improvements that had been put on the back-burner over the years.

New trends in furniture design: It is no longer acceptable to have a couch that looks good; it must feel good. Clients are beginning to look towards a more sustainable future. This pandemic has taught us to prioritize our health, well-being, and the environment.

Millions of furniture pieces are added to landfills every year because people often buy low quality, mass-produced furniture. In my years as an Interior Designer, I’ve done my very best to encourage clients to purchase quality, sustainable products. I feel obligated to create spaces that promote life and keep the planet safe, but changing consumer demands and behaviour takes time.

The most pressing reason clients look to a big box store for their furniture needs is typically budget – furniture produced by chain industries are created quickly and cheaply. When consumers pay a relatively low price for a piece of furniture, it allows them to update their home decor and follow the ever-changing trends. When the trend moves in another direction, functional furniture is often thrown away when it could have been sold or donated instead.

The Solution? Invest in high-quality furniture, one piece at a time.

You need to have a clear vision of what you need and how it will work within the layout of your home. Buy good quality furniture through carefully curated vintage pieces or new, quality products made with care. Keep design and craftsmanship in mind!

We should not throw away furniture after a few years! We may soon be heading for a global catastrophe if we follow this trend. To shop responsibly is a collective responsibility.

Many of our clients are young professionals who appreciate design and quality. It’s heartwarming to learn that most of them also care about sustainable products. We are delighted to help them settle into their own spaces with attention to ergonomics and the environment.

You have something to pass down to the next generation when you buy quality – an heirloom and a healthy planet!

Images courtesy of BoConcept furniture

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