Interior Designer wearing mask

Pandemic Priorities and Possibilities

The past year and a half has brought significant change to most of the world. Most of us have felt the deep social and emotional strains of a more restricted pandemic life.  There has been a definitive sense of loss and change.

But we are headed in a new direction, full of pandemic priorities and possibilities. Adapting brought about clarity and creativity as we figured out a new way to work and connect.  We are now able to return to most personal and professional activities while maintaining some of the lessons learned in lock-down such as a better work/life balance.

Working from home had its benefits and challenges.  It was refreshing to avoid the busy Vancouver commute, to create greater efficiencies through online meetings and appointments – but too much of a good thing has its pain points too.

We terribly missed meeting our clients face to face at their homes and workplaces – the creativity that is inspired by onsite visuals and collaboration.  We are thrilled to be back, but admittedly, it still feels a bit emotional.  There is an awareness of what was lost in these past eighteen months, a reminder of the many fears we faced, but also a deep sense of gratitude that we are moving into a more palatable ‘new normal’.

Renovation crew wearing masks

Recently, we’ve been able to return to client consultations – listening to our client’s dreams and goals has been so refreshing. Many of our clients found working from home offered more flexibility and actually made them more productive.  However, spending day after day within their homes made the safety, comfort and overall design of their home a top priority.  

Interior Design can be a discretionary item and easy to put on hold, but during the lockdown, every one of us looked at our circumstances and our lives from a new perspective and started to make important decisions. For some, a new lifestyle, for others, a long-overdue project became a priority. 

The home office has become a major frustration.  Month after month of working from a dining table corner as a temporary solution has been tiresome. The tiny home offices that were once used simply to pay bills now need to be optimized to support a specific type of work.

How we work during the restricted pandemic life?

As Interior Designers, our clients and their work/life balance are the top priority. While we work with our clients to develop streamlined spaces, we will be following the guidelines of our local health officials and have adopted an integrated approach of personal responsibility from our fully vaccinated team members. 

We are looking forward to reconnecting with our clients and colleagues and getting into a routine of regular onsite visits.  We are absolutely thrilled to roll up our sleeves and make your home renovation dreams a reality!

Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels