Timeless treasures like this make us feel appreciated!

Timeless treasures being thank you cards

Today I received a thank-you card from one of our clients in Vancouver. Timeless treasures like these make our team so happy. As I sat and read through her beautiful words, I was overcome by pride and joy. I was so appreciative that she had taken the time to let me know that I had made a difference in her life! Renovating someone’s home is a very personal project and one I do not take lightly. A bond of trust is developed between the designer and client that is incredibly rewarding.

As an interior designer, my main role is to solve spatial problems and design issues in our clients’ living and working spaces. And during the process of renovation, I have also found myself in the role of mediator, ensuring that compromise occurs and the main needs of all parties are considered! I have been told more than once that my services have managed to ‘save’ a marriage!

I have had many clients over the years who have taken the time to send thank you notes and they are all considered timeless treasures. They are reminders of a job well done and elicit memories of the wonderful people I have had the privilege to call clients, some even friends.

We create environments that elevate our clients’ home and workspace. Happy clients make happy spouses and happy parents and happy children!

A thank you note takes but a moment to write, but it’s words carry meaning through a lifetime.

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