Walk-in pantries from past to present

I am fascinated with walk-in pantries. They hold so much value for young and old alike. A walk-in pantry immediately gives the feel of an age past, where gardens, canning and baking were the basic necessities of family life. Pantries were once a magical place for children too – mysterious worlds for hide-and-seek or just sneaking a cookie or two.

In our modern age of limited space, walk-in pantries have been largely replaced by the cabinet pantry. Homeowners are not as willing to give up counter and floor space. But there is an irreplaceable quality about walk-in pantries, and they can be incorporated into homes with a bit of clever planning and design. With one large storage space, clients are able to reduce the amount of cupboard space that would usually hold dry goods, cans, and kitchen essentials like hand and paper towels, or pots and pans.

A good designer will incorporate any unused nooks to create a pantry as an extension of the kitchen, creating more storage and space. In this busy age where carving out time for grocery shopping and meal planning creates more stress, a walk-in pantry that is able to hold a good stock of staples and supplies, cuts down on shopping trips and frustration.

Walk-in Pantry Floor Tiles- Coal Harbour, Vancouver

Walk-in Pantry Floor Tiles- Coal Harbour, Vancouver

A well-organized kitchen really does make a home run smoothly! If you are planning a kitchen remodel, consult an interior designer to see if part of your space can be used for the time-honoured tradition of a walk-in pantry. It will hold the charm of the past while creating the organization and structure that is so essential to our present day.

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