Let’s Get some real plants in your life

Every space needs some real plants! I visited my doctor’s office today in West Vancouver. During the time waiting, I typically reflect on the same few things – the uncomfortable chairs, old magazines, stained carpets, fake plants, you know the scene.  

At this point, I start mentally rearranging the furniture and decluttering the space.  I decide the first order of business is to replace the torturous chairs with something that is both durable and supportive.  The second issue that required immediate attention was the removal of all the artificial plants! So many fake plants full of dust, looking dead, grey and quite frankly, depressing! 

However, I have a much different perspective on artificial plants.  No matter how masterfully they are crafted, they consist of plastic, glues and dyes – all the things that we don’t want in our environment. How do you even recycle something like that? Our oceans are already overfilled with plastic refuse! 

Artificial plants have come a long way. Just the other day I read a short blog about how to decorate with faux plants that are ‘so real they will both fool your friends and live forever’.   

A skilled designer, stylist or decorator should feel responsible for the sustainability of the material she works with. It is not enough to ‘look good’ in this day and age.  We must be concerned about the purpose and the environmental footprint of our spaces.

Plants are supposed to bring freshness, joy and warmth into our lives. They should beautify our space and purify the air. Fake, painted plastic and toxic glue cannot breathe life into our homes!

If you place a plant in a room with central heating, it will prevent the air from becoming dry and will naturally balance humidity levels.   

In our office in Yaletown, Vancouver, we have one big window that opens to a rather busy street.  Here we keep a few shade-loving plants to help with our air quality. They also add a beautiful focal point full of light and dark, textural foliage.  We love to see how the plants change seasonally. One had tiny white flowers a few weeks ago that just delighted us! 

Caring and maintaining plants has both mental and physical health benefits. Take the extra time to purchase a plant that will elevate the mood of your space! You always benefit when you choose the real deal over something manufactured without thought or affection. It is a guaranteed breath of fresh air! 

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