Turn your smallest room into a home office with a bed

A home office and a bed in your smallest room

Home offices aren’t just a luxury anymore. The virtual office environment has expanded and even in metropolitan cities like Vancouver, where space is more and more limited, clients need a place to do their job efficiently and effectively. That’s how we turned the smallest room into a home office with a bed.

When it comes to home office space, we each have our own preferences. Some clients prefer to physically separate the working space from the rest of the home, while others might opt for partitions, enclosures, or even open spaces.

The office in our Marinaside-Yaletown project was originally a 9’x7’ storage room with recessed walls, an electrical panel and also housed the unit’s plumbing access. In other words, we needed to get creative about this multi-purpose space! We were very intentional about creating a floor plan and adding furnishings that were compact and multi-functional. We installed multiple recessed LED lights and dimmers to compensate for the lack of natural light and the low ceiling. This space is no longer a dark, cramped storage area; it has been transformed into a bright, functional workspace!

As pictured above, we chose desk chairs from Resource Furniture that can be folded and tucked away under the desk area and we were able to add an integrated folding bed for the unexpected weekender! That’s how we turned the smallest room into a home office with a bed. Notice that the room is partially defined by cleverly placing furniture so that it acts as a partition wall while providing both storage and privacy!

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