Hiring an Interior Designer Vs. a Handyman or Contractor.

Who do you hire to give you advice on picking windows, doors, material,opening up a kitchen, changing the layout of the bathroom and adding a curb appeal?

This is a common question asked, by many homeowners before the start of a home renovation.

Most often people hire a designer and when the design work is complete they take it to a contractor to execute it. If any problem or changes occur they either have to trust the contractor to do the design work or contact their designer back and forth for the entire project.

Interior Designers are creative problem solvers when it comes to space planning . They have alternative solutions that you may not have considered as an option. They offer you solutions and recommend products they are familiar with, and won’t necessarily be seen in the stores you visit.

Contractors would provide the labour but don’t possess the sufficient design experience and creativity needed for space planning . Further, they must rely on the important input of the interior designers for that aspect of planning.

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