Shower Drains from Quick Drain

Shower Drains from Quick Drain

Proline drain by Quick Drain USA   is an efficient and elegant drain shower system and a complete ready to install kit. We really like the high quality Stainless steel  and the sleek look!

What matters most to Interior Designers is that a  product  be visually attractive and highly efficient. Every time at the end of a bathroom renovation, I look back and think If we had to change  one thing about it what would it be ? Believe it or not it always comes down to shower drains!

Recently,There has been a high demand  for tub to shower conversion in our  bathroom renovation projects. Unfortunately most of the time, and specially in condos, the need to drill through concrete and limitations on the space and location of the existing floor makes the retrofitting situation hard and not favoured by contractors. Apart from that, the shower drains are not as appealing as they should be and look like a temporary piece.

Proline Drain from Quick Drain

Slot Drain Cover by Quick Drain


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