A Weekend Off The Grid


A Weekend Off The Grid

My friends Ray and Marcella recently invited me to a weekend getaway at their place on Eco Island.  Only a four-kilometre boat ride from Harrison Springs and you arrive at a piece of heaven on earth! I always wondered what it would be like living off-the-grid until I spent a weekend of solitude at their wonderful place. The days are spent relaxing in the sun, unplugged from all electronics, watching hummingbirds and dragonflies flutter over the lake.

They bought their own “island” and built a home.

Their typical days are spent working in the garden, maintaining the island, hiking, kayaking and playing musical instruments in the evenings. The dog and cat roam freely and enjoy napping in the sun and chasing butterflies. Marcella has named every creature on the island!

Their property is completely off-the-grid and powered by solar power, propane gas, and wind and wood for heating.

Everything on the Island is recycled and reused. Marcella and Ray grow their own vegetables and herbs, and they fish from the lake.
Their water supply is taken directly from the lake or from collected rainwater. Their cabin has a proper bathroom with a shower and a composting sawdust toilet. The master bedroom is on the second floor of the cabin and lower floor has an open floor plan with a simple kitchen layout – a sink, a tap, and a stove. No dishwasher!


I was treated to a delectable dinner my last night on the island – barbecued salmon from the lake and fresh vegetables from the organic garden! What a joy!

Monday morning came too soon as I found myself on a boat headed back to my car.  I was so inspired by their relaxed, earthy lifestyle! It’s a place of pe that could be enjoyed full-time!

I am, however, grateful for the lovely getaway as I head back to my life of work, emails, phone calls and the internet and I am not going to lie, while I am certainly not living off-the-grid, I will remember to incorporate more ‘island’ moments into my daily living!

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