Bring your home to life by adding a personal history


For years I’ve had a keepsake of mine tucked safely away in a box.  It is a piece of emerald green fabric, woven with golden threads; and, most importantly, it is a small part of my grandma’s wedding dress.

The fabric was so beautiful that at some point, the wedding dress was dismantled and the fabric divided between all of the children. It must be more than 112 years old!

I’ve never met my grandmother. She passed away before my parents were married. When I was gifted with this piece so many years ago I was overjoyed.  I love the colour green, and this simple connection allowed me to feel closer to a special part of my family.

Over the years, I have considered so many uses for this elegant fabric, but none seemed special enough.  After considering the preservation of the material, I decided to frame this precious piece of my grandma’s life and display it on my gallery wall.

It is said that green is the most restful colour – it represents growth and harmony! So each time I pass this part of my heritage, I will experience tranquility as I remember my grandmother who got married in my favourite colour.

Adding personal elements to your design brings your home to life.  What buried treasures are waiting for your personal touch today?

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