Colour Psychology and the Spring


Spring is the time of year when the trees, sidewalks and alleys of Vancouver are covered with petals of cherry blossoms and you are greeted by pleasant-pink and restful-white expressions of nature in every neighbourhood. The bright hues of new leaves turning to face the earth, and lush, green grass that blankets my path, raise my spirits and accelerate the expression of my inner self.

While all the seasons provide both beauty and interior design inspiration, none seem as affecting as spring. I have often noted that our clients are most drawn to a spring/summer palette. Colour is such a personal choice – an expression of one’s own thoughts, feelings and moods. Even our hopes and dreams can be represented in the colour scheme of our living spaces.

I have always been drawn to the colours of white and orange – colours reminiscent of a childhood spent playing under huge, blooming orange trees that provided a place of shade from the warm summer sun.

There is a colour psychology. For example, orange is a social colour and represents a ready adaptation to life and society, while the colour green lends itself to meditation and the development of ideas and execution of action. The person who favours blue, is a traditionalist and needs a calm, orderly environment. The extroverted personality prefers warmer, more vibrant colours, while the introverted person is drawn to cooler and more subtle tones.

You don’t have to be an interior designer, or a psychologist, to know that there is poetry and beauty in all the colours of spring – so look out and look up, and open yourself to what colours inspire and motivate you. Incorporate those personal colours in your home to create a space that epitomizes all that is genuine and unique about you!

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