Designing Interiors for Coffee Shops

More and more, we find ourselves spending a lot more time in coffee shops than ever before. When I lived in England, pubs were the gathering hubs for friendly meetings, and were popular hangouts for both personal and business conversations. In Vancouver, however, we love the coffee culture!

Our office in Yaletown is surrounded with many local coffee roasters, whose coffee and interior design we love! We take our laptops and leave the office to get our caffeine fix every now and then for a change of scenery.

On grey Vancouver days, nothing feels better than the smell of coffee in a cosy, warm and friendly space. It’s a real pick me up and provides a sense of comfort to break up the work day.

The Blenz Coffee shop on our block has done a good job with their space planning and layout design. Most tables are hooked up with electric outlets for the patrons to charge their mobile devices. Different seating arrangements are available, from ergonomically designed banquet seating to bistro tables and chairs providing more casual seating. It is relaxed, friendly and has a spacious feel that defines the tactile language of the wood and the rustic charm of Yaletown.

A pleasant coffee shop experience happens when the barista is facing you at the espresso machine. It feels more friendly to face the customer instead of hiding behind a machine or having your back to them. I like that our barista carries a conversation while making our cappuccino. It provides an air of warmth and friendliness.

Photographed by Phillip Jeffrey

A barista at Blenz, as photographed by Phillip Jeffrey

In general, the seating options in a coffee shop should be relaxed, comfortable and informal, while providing easy access to electrical outlets that we depend on so much for our gadgets.

Which coffee shop do you think has the best interior design in Vancouver?

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