Grand Format Ceramic Tile that go beyond Living Space

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A beautiful floor is a timeless backdrop in any space. Imagine the visual impact of a porcelain tile as beautiful as marble, as thin as 3 mm and as large as 300 x 150 cm! Maximum Fiandre Extra light offers just such an experience. It’s a state of the art large format slab, ecologically produced and processed in Italy. The thickness is a maximum of 3 or 6 mm, allowing for beautiful interplay of light and shadow. The aesthetics, size and quality make Maximum a suitable material for any surface.

Installing Maximum Fiandre Extralight

The lightness of the slab not only makes it easy to install, cut, drill and grout, but also makes it a favorable product for any space where the builder is concerned about adding too much extra weight on the floor structure. With a weight of approximately 37 KG/slab for the 3 mm and 66 Kg/slab for the 6 mm, it’s much easier to handle than the much heavier traditional quarry stone slabs.

Design Elements

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We have always liked the idea of incorporating a large format tile with close joints, especially in a bathroom. Smaller grout lines expand the bathroom’s perceived space, both in compact and expansive rooms. We especially like the Marmi Maximum style, with its restful colour tones.

vancouver dealer: Savoia Canada Inc. Architectural Surfaces

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