Salvage material and architectural elements

The copper Cornices architectural elements

These copper cornices used to sit atop a building on the corner of 43rd and 5th Avenue in New York City. Slated for demolition, a piece or two of this beautiful, historical building managed to make its way to our great city of Vancouver.

The copper Cornices architectural elements

A small piece of it is now hanging on the wall of a dear friend’s home and has become the subject of many dinner table conversations.

Designing with vintage architectural-salvage and vintage structures of centuries past is both creative and rewarding. Reusing salvaged elements is a wonderful way to preserve historic materials and reduce landfill waste, while limiting the consumption of new resources.


Not everyone feels confident about using bold, bigger pieces in their home. The first instinct is to usually hang the piece by itself with empty wall surrounding it.

We would use an item like this on a wall with sufficient space and surround it with artwork of various sizes. This would draw the eye to the focal piece, making it stand out even more and creating an interior wall with both balance and creativity.

In your design choices, salvage, reuse, and preserve elements that are still functioning and enjoy the timeless quality of enduring design. It’s a fun thing!

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