Small Space, Seamless Solutions!

This new office space used to be a storage room – a little room with a low ceiling, inadequate lighting, and a big picture window with blinds.

Effective storage was a must to keep this small space tidy and uncluttered. We had to come up with smart storage solutions so our clients could use this room as a full functioning office with desks and designated storage space for all their books, stationery and printers.

Because of the low ceiling, this room had to have good lighting. We installed multiple recessed LED lights with good rendition. These lights replaced the solitary fixture that was there previously.

The idea of having a spare bed for the unexpected weekender was ideal, but didn’t seem possible at first. However, thanks to space saving wall beds from Resource Furniture, we were able to introduce a sleek option for occasional guests that seamlessly blended with the entirety of our custom made cabinetry.

The desk chairs can be folded and tucked away under the desk, making room for the single wall bed to unfold.

A room can be defined by cleverly placing furniture instead of creating partition walls. This streamlined, multifunctional cabinetry provides both storage and privacy for the office – a good design solution!

Check out the Before pictures here

Even as a storage room, this area was not high functioning!

 A view of the office from the living room before it was transformed.

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