The Peach Interiors linen tags are here


It’s an exciting day at Peach Interiors! We have received our first linen tags in the mail! They are soft to the touch and look beautiful with our peach logo. People often inquire about the name “Peach Interiors”. I wanted to choose a name that represented the elegance that I see in the world around me.

In most cultures around the world a peach represents something so beautiful and sweet that we often say that the things we love are just ‘like a peach’. The peach represents beauty, a cultivated beauty indicative of a generous attention to detail. We have captured this exquisite beauty in our exclusive line of linens – delicate yet durable and hand cut in Italy from the finest Egyptian cotton.

As you drift off to sleep and as you awaken to a new dawn, Peach Interior linens will welcome you with a soft invitation of luxury and comfort.

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