Bathroom Design

Small spaces can mean big problems.

Small and Cramped Spaces

While bath and powder rooms may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, they are also one of the most important when it comes to using space effectively. Bathrooms are often small areas that can be both challenging and expensive to renovate without the help of an experienced design team.

Poor Lighting

One solitary fixture does not make for a properly lit bathroom. Fumbling around for the toothpaste or squinting at your reflection in the mirror is a good indication that your lighting layout needs to be addressed.

Worn-out Fixtures and Materials

Leaky faucets, warped baseboards and peeling wallpaper make a bathroom feel tired and worn.


An open and functional Bathroom

A properly planned bathroom turns a cramped area into a more open, functional space.

Efficient Layout Design

Even the smallest and simplest bathrooms can be cleverly designed! Custom showers, added storage space and improved layout create an organized and harmonious environment. Materials are carefully chosen for durability and functionality that stand the test of time.

Improved Lighting

It is important to control lighting in separate areas of the bathroom. This allows the lighting to adapt to your changing needs. Dimmers are an excellent way to manage the lighting process – allowing for full illumination as you prepare for the day and softer tones as you settle for the evening.

High Quality and Durable Material

In a small area, attention to detail enhances both functionality and atmosphere. Sleek and durable materials affect the look, style and overall design of the space. The colour and shape of finishes create visual drama that can stimulate or soothe. Our design team will bring efficiency and a keen sense of your own personal style to this very personal space!


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