How does one get into the creative design mood on a rainy Monday?

Getting into creative design mood on a rainy monday

While the the rest of you are getting plenty of sun and probably sun tanning, we are having a few rainy days here in Vancouver!
It was dark at 7 o’clock this morning when I rolled out of bed and first thing came to mind was deadline!

Well, as a general rule in our studio, we don’t complain but we each have to come up with a way or two to get the others in the happy and creative mood on a Monday like this.

A few things that would get me in the mood are: music, Fresh cut flowers, aroma of freshly brewed coffee. so I make sure we have plenty of that everyday.

Valentina walked in today with these delicious homemade Blueberry flans . we have fresh coffee brewing, and all blasting work. Well there, it’s all forgotten- Who cares about a week of rain ahead! Life may not be all peaches & cream but our projects are and we Love you Vancouver, rain or shine. Happy Monday everyone!

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