Main Street Heritage Apartment, Vancouver

It’s A Dog’s World

Animals are an important part of our lives and their needs should be considered in our space planning and furniture selections. They need their own favorite corners and places to rest and play.

Enter Ula, just about the cutest terrier you will ever meet. Ula likes soft and cozy and her mom and dad (aka, my clients) like clean, sleek comfort.

Miss Ula followed us from room to room, often sitting graciously, listening to our conversations with Mom and Dad about furnishing choices. We had to give her something of her own to cozy up on and we seem to have found the perfect colour sofa to hide Ula’s shedding (something to consider when choosing floor surface and material)


After all who could resist this face!


Ula’s soft blanket is her Mom’s favorite yellow, and the accent colour for the space. She likes to chill out under the window and check out the outside from time to time.

Well, Ula seems happy and we’d like to think that we have made both a new friend and satisfied client 🙂

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