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Small Spaces – Get Organized and Look Up!

High ceilings are a major plus in small spaces and devoting an entire wall to a floor-to-ceiling wall system is a good solution.

A wall system uses empty vertical space to provide exceptional storage. Vertical storage can house and display everything from books and glassware, to a media centre.

Wall systems limit clutter, draw the eyes upward, and give the impression of a larger room.

Having interchangeable shelves accommodates items of different heights. The storage units with doors provide room for items that need to be hidden to give a sleek, organized look.

We are glad our clients welcomed the suggestion to install a wall system instead of opting for different pieces of varying heights and shapes. This helped to achieve the clean and uncluttered look we were after.

Use valuable space to your advantage by choosing to live organized in a small space. And don’t forget to look up!

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