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Laying the Foundation for a Hardwood Floor

There is more to a beautiful hardwood floor than meets the eye. Yes, the correct flooring surface needs to be chosen with things like design and durability in mind, but many people do not realize the importance of the subfloor. Some might not even know what a subfloor is!

The subfloor provides the support needed for the floor materials a client has chosen (hardwood, laminate, carpet or tile).

Laying the Foundation for a Hardwood Floor

Inspecting the floor and subfloor before installing hardwood is the key to a long-lasting hardwood floor. Our contractor Ben, in one of our projects in Yaletown-Marinaside uses a long level and tape measure to ensure the subfloor is level within 3/16 inch for every 10 feet in all directions! He then marks the high and low spots on the subfloor and corrects the gaps of more than 1/8’ to 3/16’ with levelling compounds – most homes have a variance of a fraction of an inch across the width of a room.

Laying the Foundation for a Hardwood Floor

Once the compounds have been properly applied, it usually takes up to 24 hours for the subfloor to dry.

Trust me; it is worth the wait and the few extra dollars to have a perfect subfloor. It is the foundation for an ideal floor project!

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