Lessons from a cat for creative bathroom design

Aristo the Cat!

Most of the time we are pretty much stuck with the layout of our living space. We adjust and customize what we can to accommodate our personal habits and rituals. When it comes to bathroom design, we are often relegated to smaller areas that focus on functionality in lieu of comfort.

A current trend in bathroom design is installing heated flooring. The more I think about a toasty warm floor that would graciously meet my feet each morning, the more I want one.

But I’m in a quandary – I‘m not a fan of fireplaces in the bathroom design, my existing space won’t allow for a heated floor – so what’s a girl with cold feet and a cozy dream supposed to do?

Aristo the Cat!

I install a towel warmer! Nothing feels better than a warm towel wrapped around yourself after a shower! No wonder my cat always finds the pile of warm towels fresh out of the dryer! I must admit, this is not the first time I have learned a lesson about life’s simplicity from Aristo the Cat.

Towel warmers come in a varied selection of models and sizes. They are available in hydronic and electric versions. They are programmable, so that fluffy piece of terry-cloth is warm and waiting for you each new morning. An added bonus? Towel warmers are an affordable and energy efficient way to dry towels and keep your bathroom space mildew free.

Being an interior designer, sometimes I need to remind myself to enjoy the simple, affordable pleasures of life! There is a solution to every design problem – even Aristo the cat know’s that!

Towel warmer

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