Character and Craftsmanship for Interior Design

As a Vancouver interior designer, I must pay attention to the smallest details of every aspect of an interior design project and interior lighting. I love, appreciate and purchase beautiful things all the time. I carefully choose items for my clients, not only because they will look pretty on a mantel, but because they will serve a purpose!

I like unique products that you can find and buy at unexplored places – things with quality and character – products that raise your spirit and have a point of view!

As of late, I find myself overwhelmed by the existence of mass produced home furnishing and decorating options. Instead of carbon copy decour that is available at every major retailer, I am more and more drawn to the earnest things that come from independent design stores in our own great city of Vancouver.

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Every major retail store carries the same idea and colourful object. Things we enjoy one season, we haplessly display at a garage sale the next. Every magazine and catalogue you open offers the same low quality, flashy thing-a-ma-jig that promises to ‘take your space to a new level – to enhance it’. But does it really?

I think it’s time to get back to quality! Otherwise, we are doing a disservice to future generations, who will have no memory of it. Disposable over durable, productivity over passion? I personally would prefer to live in a home that determines to tell a story and leave a legacy of love in its midst.

As an interior designer I will strive to use my talent to create unique, sustainable designs. I am privileged to live in a culturally rich, artisan community, like Vancouver. For me it’s not about how grand I live, but how every space and element functions. Where will you begin your own search for items that have their own enduring, inspiring point of view?

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