Saturday Mornings and Pancake Poppers Inspire Vancouver Interior Design

Saturday Morning Pancake Poppers

Saturdays usually find us visiting our favorite showrooms in Vancouver or planning the coming week’s Interior Design projects. This Saturday, Anna and I worked from the studio – which afforded me the opportunity to spoil her with a cheerful treat! That said, no kitchen is complete without the facility to make a decent cup of coffee in the morning. And you can’t beat fresh. So here we are sipping our coffee and enjoying my famous oat pancake poppers.

Despite the rain, (yes, it was raining in Vancouver), the morning served to recharge us both and led to an afternoon of brainstorming and design inspiration. And one thing we both agreed on … that a well designed kitchen should have a special drawer for baking trays.

Every kitchen design should reflect the uniqueness of it’s own personal chef. For Anna and I, a well organized, thoughtfully-planned drawer for oversized trays seems essential. No more stacking, shifting and multi-tasking a plethora of pans to deter you from whipping up those warm oat pancakes on a rainy Saturday morning!

What additions would you consider for your own kitchen renovation? Ensure that both you and your interior designer dream big, while considering kitchen functionality for your own cozy days and the creation of mouth-watering treats!

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