Things I Would Love In My New Kitchen

Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher – love the dual drawers!

While looking for more simplicity in my everyday life, I wouldn’t mind a little extra when it comes to planning the  design of a new kitchen. Recently, I’ve been making notes of every little thing that makes me happy in a new kitchen. I am a big fan of full extension drawers so in my Vancouver kitchen, I would prefer the dual drawer dishwasher, where the door pulls out horizontally, vs the standard dishwasher with the drop-down door. I can run smaller loads more frequently and it works perfectly in a smaller kitchen without compromising the interior design.

Apart from the traditional upright fridge, I’d love to have a double drawer, fridge/freezer designated for my baking supplies. Often, to make the stress of a hectic day go away, I make dough that could be frozen and baked later. So therapeutic, if you like baking!

I like to keep the frozen berries and dough handy and separate from other stuff. An organized refrigerated drawer for my almond meal, flour and egg whites? Yes please!


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