The Book Of Paris Design Inspirations

The inspiration for interior design can come from many sources, such as a client’s lifestyle, their recent travels, and their work routines. Each material selection often has a story or two to tell.


The inspiration for this material selection is drawn from The Little Black Book of Paris by Vesna Neskow which my client passed on to me after she came back to Vancouver from France. It conveys her sense of style and personal taste in every way, and this is what we are going for in her new bathroom renovation.


We have an Empire freestanding bathtub from Waterworks in mind, and an heirloom Italian brass chandelier that the client would love to incorporate into the design of the new ensuite. It would fit beautifully into their traditional context and interior design. Painted vanities and a Carrara marble top would also look great in the space.

Must say, I love a traditional home with a fabulous layout and flow.

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