Not Your Mother’s Kitchen Floor

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Many of us grew up in homes with age-old carpet and worn linoleum. Today, there are so many innovative and creative flooring options.

Our clients are looking for durable, high performance floorings that can withstand high traffic and moisture. Natural wood-effect flooring tiles and planks are a good alternative to wooden floors. These tiles offer a more suitable solution for below-grade applications such as basements, as well as areas that are exposed to moisture . They are non-porous and hygienic – meaning germs, dirt and bacteria won’t penetrate the surface. They are easy to clean and are scuff and spill proof. These tiles are a good design solution for homeowners whose family members include pets with muddy paws and sharp claws.

This week our design team fell in love with these Italian porcelain tiles that look like assembled parquet. They have such an eye-pleasing design.


An excellent choice for high traffic areas such as boutiques, shops and cottages. These parquet-effect tiles give the feeling and warmth of wood, but with much less maintenance.


This delicate shade of colour adds to the feel of a rustic wooden home or cottage. Picture a wood burning fireplace or a villa at the edge of a forest!

Today we no longer have to sacrifice design for durability. Dark and musty basements can be transformed into bright, clean spaces. Bathrooms and kitchens can be both functional and chic. Explore the design and colour options of tile. Pair your design choice with your specific lifestyle requirements, and you can create a home that is both enduring and delightful.

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