Feature Walls – Your own Piece of Art


Feature walls are an easy and often inexpensive way to add depth and dimension to your home. This week we went shopping for tiles to incorporate into our client’s feature wall.

Ann Sacks Vancouver offers designer stone and mosaic tiles. Located in the beautiful Armoury District, we walked through the doors looking for our latest design obsession – concrete tiles! The enthusiastic and knowledgeable sales personnel led us right to Daniel Ogassian’s concrete tiles which are made and finished by a master craftsman in the United States. Their quality and design is unparalleled.


Sculptural wall tiles are perfect for feature walls and fireplace surrounds. They change the landscape of an ordinary wall into a work of art. There is a huge collection of tile options that offer countless colours, patterns, and architectural elements to fit any budget.

So don’t just paint four walls and call it a day! Choose one wall as a focal point and get creative! Play with colour to create a mood within your space. Add texture and dimension to add depth and interest. The possibilities are limitless to create a signature look that is all your own!

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