4 Stylish Towel Warmer and Radiator for your Bathroom

Italians have mastered the art of product design. Clean, sleek lines and space saving features are the driving forces behind these creative radiators and towel warmers from Antrax.it.

oreste & emma


The iconographic radiators Oreste & Emma designed by Andrea Crosetta, heat the bathroom and act as bathrobe warmers. The radiators add luxury with a modern point of view.



Designed and engineered by Andrea Crosetta, Loft is a modern and linear radiator and towel warmer that can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Their functionality is matched only by their artistic aesthetic.


Antrax 4

This one looks like an art piece and fits conveniently in the smallest of bathrooms!

Antrax it

Unique design features bring warmth and style to your home, creating a place of comfort and creativity for both you and your guests. While these design elements are often overlooked, Peach Interiors is meticulous about sourcing the highest quality products for your individual spaces, right down to the radiators!

To learn more visit: www.antrax.it/it/radiatori
Image sources: www.antrax.it/it/radiatori

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