The Suspended Wardrobe

The suspended wardrobe from Italian Design House, Lago, sounds like a magical contraption from a children’s novel. In actuality, it is a practical and elegant solution for small spaces and rooms without built-in closets. It can be customized to include shelves, drawers and hanging rods.


Small spaces often invite clutter. And clutter invites chaos! Innovative designs like a floating or suspended closet provide storage spaces that are both sleek and functional. As pictured above, a stretched piece of fabric replaces the traditional heavy door and hardware which makes for a lightweight closet that could even be suspended from the ceiling. Various fabric choices are available to compliment your design esthetic.

Suspended Wardrobe

suspended wardrobe

A magnetic attachment system keeps the stretched fabric taut. This completes the clean lines of the product. The unit itself is hung on invisible tracks that open the doors silently and without resistance.

These suspended closets can be used in any room in the home, from the living room to the bedroom. The fabrics add warmth to your home while the storage design brings organization that creates a more open space.

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