Main Street Heritage Apartment, Vancouver

Part One – Style in All the Right Places

Our clients – Mya, Kris, and their dog Ula – have returned to Vancouver to their favourite neighbourhood, Main Street, to start again. They love the old neighbourhood and all the conveniences it offers, so choosing the location wasn’t hard.

Their new apartment is in a spectacular, heritage property with high ceilings and lots of natural light. While their location is ideal, the apartment posed the problem of limited space. With the rising price of land and property, our living spaces in Vancouver are getting smaller and smaller.

That’s when our clients enlisted our help. With small living room, kitchen and bathroom areas, they needed to become very organized! Everything had to have a specific place and they needed lots of storage!

We set to work choosing multi-purpose furniture that made every square foot count. The furniture is both stylish and versatile. We also made sure to select pieces to the right scale that enhanced the living space as opposed to dwarfing and crowding it.


Their beautiful, new kitchen is an example of smart design. Notice the tuck away stools that give a sleek and modern feel to the space. Light fixtures are both functional and minimal and do not overpower the smaller area. The monochromatic scheme gives the kitchen a light, airy feel.

We are so happy to see them living comfortably, and not cramped, in their newly furnished home! Bigger isn’t always better, but living conveniently is priceless!

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