An office with a View

We love our office location and are delighted to be among some of the most prestigious retail stores and offices in Vancouver. However, we face one challenge common to most office spaces – a miserable view. When we look out of our large, lovely windows all we see is the rear windows of the neighbouring offices and retail stores!

While we would prefer to be looking at the mountains or a beautiful ocean-view, our problem has helped us to notice a big challenge facing our fellow shop owners. While we gaze out our beautifully dressed windows, we can’t help but notice how many of our neighbours neglect to address their own window display!

Rear windows of a retail store, especially if they are facing a busy street and in view of many buildings, should receive the same attention as the storefront. Your windows create customer interest and your patrons don’t always walk by your front door!

If you are using the back of your space as storage, cover the windows in a way that the rest of the neighbouring businesses and residences won’t see the inner chaos of a storage space.

A few quick tips – declutter the office windows from knocked over signs, posters and dead plants and fix falling drapes and blinds to add privacy. Ensure that the rearview is either completely concealed, or that it creates the same messaging that your storefront would.

Best dressed awards aren’t just handed out for clothing anymore – so spruce up those windows and create a business with style!

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