50s Inspired Sofas

Retro and vintage inspired furniture has been very popular the past few years. Whether you are nostalgic for all things 50s, or simply like the smooth lines and geometric shapes of the era, you are not alone.

05eae1406ade64d58f42c9daaa648f78Image source: Made.come

Colour had a strong presence in 50s interior design! A variety of bold hues and patterns were just what people needed after a long and difficult war. Smaller, sunnier and brighter homes were built and given facelifts through the addition of bright colours such as corals, blues, greens and yellows. The new era ushered in a more positive approach – the living room aesthetic, the tiles of bathrooms – even kitchen the refrigerators were sought after in bright, fun colours!

Image Source: Johnlewis.com

The sofas above embody the shapes and colours of the best futons from the 50s era. Because retro inspired furniture continues to be a strong and popular trend, there are many choices available to consumers today.

When seeking out 50s inspired designs, determine what hues within the 50s colour palette speak to you. Do you prefer strong angles, or rounded forms? Consider how well the colours and fabrics work together – are they creating a nice harmony in your space?
M Nonah sofa
Image source: Made.com

Whether you are looking to redesign an entire room in a 50s vintage theme, or simply add a splash of whimsy to your aesthetic, remember, that you can make your own covers to embody the spirit of this era and have fun!

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