Reuse, Recycle and Renew!

The Peach Interiors team is very passionate about our approach to design. One of our favourite tricks is both easy and environmentally friendly! Reupholstering and refurbishing are quick, convenient ways to instantly change the look and mood of your space! By choosing high quality materials, you are able to uniquely express yourself and create a custom show piece! I have reupholstered my own sofa five times!
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There are a variety of upholstering techniques that can change the look and shape of your sofa. Whether you are looking for modern or classic, your furniture can be redesigned rather quickly!


Similar chairs pictured above have been reupholstered in a rich, textural mix of velvets and cool, crisp colours for our client’s living room.
Texture is what make colours come alive and a splash of colour is what makes us happy!
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A versatile Piece like this ottoman/foot stool can be reupholstered many times to achieve a different look and fit different colour schemes.

While some renovation projects can seem a bit daunting, reupholstering is not. Don’t be hesitant to select new colours, patterns and designs for your dining table chairs, ottomans, accent chairs and sofas!

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