Where Grown-Ups Come to Play

When we asked our client what kind of living space he envisioned, his emphatic response was ‘a place for grownups!

We love it when clients know exactly what they want. While family life is full of colourful handprint art, sticky counters, and bins of toys, at some point in our lives, we move into a new phase of life that welcomes us to reclaim our space! The general mayhem of strollers, skateboards and backpacks is replaced with clutter less organization and calming colour schemes.


image source: Minotti Website

For our client Jonathan, the kids have grown and left home, the little puppy that once kept everyone awake and everything in tatters, is now a mature companion. It’s time for Jonathan to have the kind of living room that twenty plus years of sacrifice has afforded him!


image source: Minotti Website

Version 2

The ensuite bathroom – a soothing palate of natural material in greys, white and wood.

Monochromatic colour schemes offer both a soothing and airy effect. Using tints, shades and tones of a chosen key-colour creates a room that is easy to manage and always looks balanced.

You can always add a pop of colour as a point of interest by incorporating fresh flowers or a bowl of bright fruit. The lovely thing about using accessories to add colour is that you can really adjust the mood of the room as often as you like by choosing between a bowl of yellow lemons or green apples. Choosing delicate wildflowers will create a different ambience than bold lilies or irises.

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