Rose Quartz- Colour of the year

Pantone’s colour of the year is “Rose Quartz”.

What is Pantone, you ask? Pantone is a ‘colour standards’ company that predict trends in colour. Colour trending in design and fashion is assessed yearly at the annual meeting of colour experts, hosted by Pantone.

While this doesn’t mean we all have to rush out and buy everything we can get our hands on in ‘rose quartz’, it does indeed create excitement within the fashion and design community each year and is often predictive of new trends!

We love this year’s Rose Quartz, and we are patting ourselves on the back for being ahead of the game at Peach Designs – two years ago we chose this lovely soft pink hue in the design of our bed linens. It’s a soothing, calming colour and contrasted with dark grey, it’s both sophisticated and elegant.

In colour psychology, pink is a sign of hope and is associated with tenderness and kindness. With all the trouble and turmoil in the world today, this colour is a good choice for creating a calm and loving home environment! The Rose Quartz symbolizes a gentle love, beauty and peace that we need more of in the world!

dmitry sofa-2

Wondering how to incorporate this calming colour ? We are inspired by this beautiful Grand Sablon Sofa from Dimitry & Co. Why not consider reupholstering an existing sofa for an updated look in your living room?

Image source:

dmitri pink sofa

The dusty tone of Ludlow Lounge Sofa | Dimitry & Co. is soft and sophisticated and would look stylish against a dark, charcoal grey wall.

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Pictured above is a mood board we created for a bathroom/bedroom renovation. It was inspired by our two tone bed linens since we are renovating the whole bedrooms starting from the mattresses.

If a renovation project is not in your near future, consider adding 2016’s ‘colour of the year – rose quartz’ through your choice of home accessories. Bath and bed linens, throw pillows and blankets are easy ways to bring a fresh look into a tired or outdated home!

So stop and smell the roses, and let us know if rose quartz is on your Colour of the Year List!

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