All Living Rooms need an update and fresh design from time to time


While we sipped hot tea in the family room of my client’s waterfront home in Point Grey, Vancouver, Juliet expressed her longing for a new, fresh look for her living room.

Now retired, Juliet has more time to enjoy the comforts of her home. Days are leisurely spent watching the vast oceanscape and reading books by her cozy fireplace.

On Juliet’s wish list is a gas insert for her wood burning fireplace and new room layout.

We set a budget and began the project by eliminating unwanted items.  Our next step will be to add pieces that fit nicely in the narrow room.  Our first purchase is going to be a sleek, sectional sofa that will provide comfortable seating, while keeping the space open and uncluttered.  We will also move the furniture closer to the fireplace, which will create a more intimate seating arrangement.

The fireplace is the focal point of the room  and is surrounded by red bricks that enhance the character of the room.  We will add white, shaker-style mouldings to bring depth and texture to the feature wall. By blending the old with the new, we will create a modern, yet charming, environment.

Juliet’s home is both warm and engaging. But all spaces require an update and fresh design from time to time.  With a few simple steps we will be able to create a fresh oasis for Juliet to enjoy for years to come.

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