The Holidays Will Be Over Soon – Time To Think Spring!


Vancouver is looking very festive these days. The crisp winter air, mixed with the smell of cinnamon spice lifts the holiday spirit.

With everyone in the yuletide mood, one might think it is way too early to think about the coming spring.

However, throughout our beautiful city of Vancouver, we all know that spring is ‘nesting season’ and when home sales are at their highest.

If you are  planning to list your home in the peak of March, it is most certainly not too early to start renovation planning now! Whether downsizing or upgrading, getting your home ready for improvements takes lots of planning.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important renovations that are likely to pay for themselves.They are the first rooms that buyers look at, and in a competitive market, upgraded kitchens and bathrooms are what sell your home faster.

Getting a list of potential repairs and upgrades completed should be on top of your to-do list. If you are planning to hire a designer, be mindful of time frames and book them in advance! Tradespeople should also be booked ahead of time as most good cabinet makers are fully booked within two month time periods.

Hiring an interior designer, not only gives your home a facelift, it improves the sell-ability of your space.  Interior designers also take the hassle out of planning and coordinating permits and tradespeople.  So while you prepare for holiday parties and family visits, start giving thought to hiring the professionals that will make your spring as prosperous as your new year is sure to be!

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