Vacation While We Renovate!

Indian summer

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to come home in the New Year to a completely renovated space? It is quite possible for your home to be renovated while you are sipping cocktails on a sandy beach or up North visiting family this holiday season.

Many of our clients don’t like the inconveniences of being displaced during renovations – days without sinks, showers, power, you-name-it! Often, clients will plan a holiday around their home renovation. One to two weeks is plenty of time for our team to upgrade kitchens and bathrooms!

In all renovation projects, a great deal of time is spent on the design concept, layout, product selection and location. After drawings are finalized and details of the design are decided upon, every step of designated work has to be coordinated and planned. After you have ready your work area and design improvements, it’s time to get the materials and furniture from the designer stores.

For a project to come to life quickly, it is essential to have all materials sourced and ordered, and ensure that all labour is booked and scheduled.

Material selections have to be considered with their lead time in mind. Not every product or fixture that you like is always in stock. Products and appliance specifications must be prepared and sent to chosen cabinet makers and installers.

A sample timeline is as follows: Cabinets are delivered and installed in one day. The countertop installers are scheduled for the next day to remeasure and ensure that all dimensions are accurate. The fabrication of countertops and stone cutting take approximately two days and are followed by appliance installation the next day. We would typically spend a few more days on backsplash and paint, and voila! You come home to your new kitchen in a new year!

So plan your ideas and schedule with us your new renovation, leave any extra furniture you want to preserve in storage and grab your things and get ready to go on a relaxing vacation trip while we take care of your beautiful new place.

This is a home renovation at its best – quality that is quick and painless!

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