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Small Bedrooms and Sweet Dreams

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Having operated a remodelling business I quickly discovered from my clients that Bedrooms are sanctuaries. They are where we relax, unwind and reflect on our day.

Our bedroom should be the most organized, decluttered space in our home. It should be a place of serenity that promotes sleep and relaxation.

A simple, streamlined bedroom is even more important in small spaces. Piles of clothes and books add to the stress of our everyday lives.

We’d like to share some of the solutions that continue to help our clients living in small spaces.

If you are purchasing a new bed, get one with storage underneath. They have massive storage spaces that can be used for a variety of things. Seasonal clothes can be stored in space bags and tucked away until needed. Extra bedding, blankets and pillows can be kept readily at hand, but out of sight.


image courtesy of Boconcept

Nightstands with drawers are a better choice than those with open shelves. Drawers can house small and necessary items like books, papers, medicine, vitamins, glasses….you name it!

Unless you have built-in drawers in your closet, having a dresser with drawers for personal and folded items is a must!

What do you see first thing when you open your eyes? A window with a view? A door? A bookcase? A Gallery wall?

If you are facing a blank wall, hanging a few, simply framed pictures on the wall is a good idea. Add pictures of places you have travelled, your children, your pets – anything that makes you happy. The trick is to keep it simple, unified and grouped.

Do not skimp on bed linens. Store a few sets of your favourite sheets. There is nothing like sleeping in a bed adorned with fine, fresh linens. And don’t forget a bed cover that gives the bed a clean, structured look – this keeps the entire room visually tidy!

Small spaces do not mean you have to sacrifice sweet dreams! Keep your space clean, streamlined and simple and you will quickly create the serenity and peace we all desire after a long, hard day’s work!

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