Main Street Heritage Apartment, Vancouver

Small spaces – Think sleek and simple!

Apart from designing interior spaces, we are often hired to help clients choose furnishings for their home. Furniture and material selection is crucially important in small spaces. Our clients need to make most of every last square inch!

600 square feet and an open concept floor plan, means that your small kitchen is part of an even smaller living room!

To make a big impact in a small space, we suggest that clients keep the kitchen scheme simple. Streamlined kitchen cabinets and appliances give the feel of a larger space. This includes the typically patterned backsplash – keep it simple and unfussy for a visually clean look.

Keep the working surface uncluttered and cleared. Loads of pantry solutions exist to help you get organized!

Bar stools are another thing to consider for the kitchen island. Have you ever shopped for one? Even a seasoned designer considers this addition a daunting task. They come in so many shapes and sizes and one must consider scale, style and functionality as well! When shopping for bar/kitchen stools, go for simple lines. Stools with busy designs give the feeling of a crowded kitchen that is eating up the whole space.

While it is often fun to play with colour and pattern, when it comes to small spaces, try not to overwhelm the space with too many materials and colours. Minimal designs are your best bet when it comes to furnishing small spaces!

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