Solutions for serious kids clutter

Solutions for Serious Kid Clutter

Every parent faces the same problem – kid clutter! Backpacks, shoes, mittens, and gloves – the list is endless! And all at the front door.

The entryway to any home should be open and welcoming. It immediately sets the tone of the entire house.

We all want to be organized, but when it comes to small spaces and our little people, this presents a challenge. Traditional closets are not kid-friendly. Coat hangers and shelves are too high and inaccessible. We need a good closet where we can put all our clothing there.

That’s where a good design plan and a master carpenter come into the picture! There’s a special place on a top shelve were the kids can’t have access.

Our young clients, ages four and seven, were without a functional storage space in their small entryway. So we had our talented cabinet maker, Alex, build something that would work well for young Tristan and Sebastian.

When you walk into their home now, you find a clean, streamlined and aesthetically pleasing space! Their entrance locker has a classic design with just enough whimsy to delight our sweet clients!

Shelves keep their little shoes organized. Easy to reach knobs were installed so they could hang their own coats and backpacks, and upper shelves were built all the way to the ceiling for extra storage.

Living large in a small space means providing proper storage for everything and every need. Less clutter equals more space both physically and mentally!

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