Kids Bathroom – Don’t Shutter, We Got Rid of the Clutter!

When you think of kids bathroom, do you see wet towels all over the floor, shampoo bottles laying in the bathtub and a countertop that is barely visible through all the clutter?

Our clients had just that problem when they came to us requesting a bathroom redesign for their kids. They wanted to give their dark, drab boys bathroom a major facelift. We had to consider 5 essential things in this kids bathroom renovation plan!


Inadequate lighting not only hinders functionality, but it also dampens the spirit! We immediately made plans to create a light, bright space for the boys.


Colour choices should match the personality of your space. For these young boys, we chose white and grey foundational colours to give the small room a larger and less cluttered feel. We painted one wall with a splash of bright yellow to add some ‘sunshine’ to this windowless room.


Non-slippery, large-format floor tiles under the floating vanity make the small space feel larger – and much safer for small children hopping in and out of the shower. The white marble countertop with grey veins and classic bevelled subway tiles are timeless, clean and fresh.


We installed a new, mirrored medicine cabinet with built-in outlets and lighting, creating a clutter-free countertop area!

Towel warmers

What kid doesn’t want to wrap themselves in a warm, fluffy towel? And what parent isn’t thrilled when their child looks forward to getting squeaky clean? So we did not hesitate to add a towel warmer to keep these kids cosy!

You do not have to live with a bathroom that is an eyesore. With proper planning and design, a small, cluttered space can easily be made clean, bright and functional!

kids Bathroom renovation in Aquarius Mews, Vancouver

See “ Before” picture below

Before picture of kids Bathroom in Aquarius Mews, Vancouver

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