Bathroom Renovation Plan-7 things to consider

Bathroom Renovation Plans – 7 Things to Consider

There are ways to design and renovate your bathroom to be bright and beautiful! This is how we approached a bathroom renovation in Yaletown, Vancouver.


The ensuite bathroom had a typically small shower and a jacuzzi tub that you will find in most downtown condos. Our clients needed a bigger, more modern shower, and because there was a secondary tub in a second bathroom, the layout was changed to accommodate a much larger shower, and a much-needed storage cabinet.


Good lighting is essential for every bathroom. We aren’t just talking about one solitary source, but rather, layers of lighting for different purposes. Overhead/general lighting, task lighting, and mood lighting helped this small windowless bathroom to open right up.


Removing the jacuzzi tub made room not only for a bigger shower but for a much needed, large custom-made storage cabinet. Always find a way to incorporate storage space into the bathroom to store dry towels, soaps, and shampoos!

Double sinks

Switching from a single sink to double sinks allowed our clients to get ready for work and enjoy each others company at the same time.

Mirrored Medicine cabinets

Modern medicine cabinets include charging outlets that keep the countertop uncluttered while providing extra storage!

Shampoo niches

These architectural designs house shampoo and soap bottles that are easily accessible and not visible to the outside bathroom area.

Towel warmers

Invest in good accessories like towel warmers for keeping the towels warm and dry. Nothing feels better than a toasty towel after a shower.

Bathroom Renovation plan-7 things to consider

Stacks of towels, soaps, and shampoos, and all the necessary items are tidily tucked away in our custom made storage cabinet.

Custom Made shower renovation in Aquarius Mews, Vancouver

See ‘Before’ pictures of the bathroom below.

Before picture of bathroom in Aquarius Mews, Vancouver

There used to be a single sink in the ensuite bathroom, and no storage space for all the ‘stuff’ our clients needed for daily grooming.

Before picture of the shower in Aquarius Mews, Vancouver

The small shower felt cramped and was not functioning well for our clients!

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